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Ken Capton  Solar 2


Building Better Sound


Imaginination. Application. Inspiration. Vibe.  


Four essential components. They're the essence of a Solar 2-constructed recording studio.


Capton has put his signature on many of the world’s top audio facilities, including platinum-producing rooms for Eminem, Kid Rock, Royal House Studios, MusicWorks NYC, and BB4 Studios in Brooklyn.


Hailing from the Motor City, custom construction and fabrication are our forte. But it’s about more than just executing a blueprint for artists, producers, studio designers, educational facilities and performance spaces. It’s about getting it right -- really right.


“My strength has always been to act as a problem solver,” Capton says. “I want each room to be unique. I’ve always loved the process of recording, the industry and the people who make it move. Helping to realize vision and dreams is what I do.”


With nearly 20 years in business, Capton has become a master builder not just of recording studios but everything that touches them, including acoustic treatments, mill work and even art.






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